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Alainn Portable Compact Wireless Digital Display Intelligent Electric Inflation Pump

Alainn Portable Compact Wireless Digital Display Intelligent Electric Inflation Pump

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Product information:

Material: ABS+Metal
Voltage: 5A
Power Cord Length: 3m
Power: 120W
Inflatable Tube Length: 15cm
Additional Features: Flashlight, Tire Pressure Gauge, Warning Light, USB Charging
Air Pressure Flow Rate: 35L/min

Model B: Wireless dual-use model,
Model C: Charging wireless version,
Model D: Car model (cigarette lighter powered),
Model F: Dual digital display wireless dual-use model

Inflate with Ease! Anywhere, Anytime!

Introducing our remarkable portable air compressor pump, the ultimate solution for all your inflation needs on the go. Designed with convenience and efficiency in mind, this compact and lightweight pump is your reliable companion for tire inflation, sports equipment, inflatable toys, and more.

Equipped with advanced technology, this portable air compressor pump delivers impressive power and performance, allowing you to inflate objects quickly and effortlessly. Its high-capacity rechargeable battery ensures long-lasting operation, eliminating the need for external power sources and giving you the freedom to inflate anywhere, anytime.

With user-friendly controls and a clear digital display, operating this air compressor pump is a breeze. Its multifunctional design caters to various inflation requirements, offering versatility that goes beyond just tires. From small to large inflatables, this pump handles them all with precision and accuracy.

Designed for durability, this pump is built to withstand rugged environments, making it ideal for outdoor adventures and emergency situations. Its sleek and ergonomic design not only enhances portability but also adds a touch of style to your toolkit.

Say goodbye to bulky and noisy air compressors. This portable pump combines powerful performance with whisper-quiet operation, allowing you to inflate with ease and without disturbing your surroundings.

Experience the convenience and reliability of our portable air compressor pump, a must-have tool for every car owner, outdoor enthusiast, and DIY enthusiast. Inflate with confidence and never worry about flat tires or deflated equipment again. Your inflation needs are met, anytime, anywhere.

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